Boot Sizing

While it is possible to produce a somewhat accurate size conversion chart to help you find the right size for your skate boots, it is true that the size you wear is likely to change from manufacturer to manufacturer, depend on the type of footwear you are using, and other similar factors, including your own personal fit preference. Perfect equivalence is difficult to guarantee. Remember, boot sizes do not necessarily match your shoe or sneaker size, in that as the usage differs, the fit does as well.

We at Berry Skates often recommend to skip conversion issues and to focus on the measurement of your feet. We also offer you a handy conversion guide that can be very useful.   Additionally, if you have another brand of skates, we can also help you find a good size based on the size of those skates.


Conversion Chart

This chart is approximate and provided for guidance only. Call us to discuss your size!

Fra/Euro3031 323334 353637 383940 4142 4344454647
1313.511.522.533.54 – 4.555.566.5 – 77.588.599.51010.5 – 1111.512.513
13.511.522.533.544.5 – 55.566.57 – 7.588.599.51010.511 – 11.5121313.5

(1) How to Measure Your Feet


  • Place a sheet of paper on the floor, flushed against a wall. You may want to tape it to the floor so it does not move.
  • Stand up straight, with one foot on the paper. If one of your feet is a little longer, place that foot on the paper.
  • Make sure your heel is against the wall, so that it is lined up with the edge of the paper.
  • Draw the shape of your foot on the paper. Ideally, you should ask someone else to draw it for you.
  • Measure the heel-to-toe length, the distance between the heel and the longest part of your foot.

That’s your foot size.

Note: While you may use any unit that you wish, it is more accurate to measure in centimeters or millimeters.


(2) How to Pick the Right-Sized Boots for You

In the chart below, locate your foot length. If you don’t find an exact match, round up your foot size to the next number. Point your mouse (or, on your mobile, tap) on your foot length below—it it will be displayed in red.

For adults, choose the next size up (displayed in green), that will be most people’s normal boot size. The extra 5mm provide wiggle room and comfort. For children we recommend two sizes up (shown in blue) to allow for growth. Order your boot using the corresponding millimeter value.

Please note that as the fit is directly connected to your preference and comfort, we cannot guarantee this will work for you—if possible, come see us in New York or at an event to try on various boots and find the best size for you. As fit varies from brand to brand, we can also help you find a good size based on your current skates.

We are here to help you. Feel free to contact us before your purchase to consult on sizing and measuring.

7 7/88 1/168 1/48 7/168 11/168 7/89 1/169 1/49 7/169 5/89 13/1610 1/1610 1/410 7/1610 5/810 13/161111 1/411 7/1611 5/811 13/161212 3/16
Units & Sizes
30200207 7/87.87
3120520.58 1/168.07
32210218 1/48.27
/21521.58 7/168.46
33220228 11/168.66
3422522.58 7/88.86
/230239 1/169.06
3523523.59 1/49.25
36240249 7/169.45
3724524.59 5/89.65
/250259 13/169.84
3825525.510 1/1610.04
392602610 1/410.24
4026526.510 7/1610.43
/2702710 5/810.63
4127527.510 13/1610.83
/28528.511 1/411.22
432902911 7/1611.42
4429529.511 5/811.61
453003011 13/1611.81
473103112 3/1612.20

(3) Still not sure? Call us!

Email us at, Whatsapp us at (347) 481 9728, call (347) 927 3030. We’re here to help!